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“Various investments of Peak Capital are working together with Scale Force Talent. The founding teams are very satisfied with their services. We are pleased that the ladies of Scale Force Talent are there to support the growth of those teams”

Johan van Mil - Peak Capital

Hidde Hoogcarspel - Co-founder/Director August Ventures

“As August Venture Capital is a Venture Capital firm 2.0, our recruitment and HR support should you also be a 2.0 version. Therefore we ask Scale Force Talent to help our ventures, such as Vintage Cash Cow, within their people & talent management. Anouk helps management team with structuring the org chart and creating an environment that attracts the right talent and needs. Anneke supported us to align HR processes and install Bamboo HR.”

“Team members of Scale Force Talent already helped us growing Treatwell, so when we were expanding Hiber our first call was to Anouk. Anneke, Annemarieke en Anouk came on-board and did exactly what we expected: hiring the right people and creating the needed-structure in talent management.”

Laurens Groenendijk - Co-founder Hiber

Mark van Laar - Founder & COO Fixico

“Scale Force Talent has supported Fixico in the challenge of growing our company. By creating a new org chart, filling key positions and training the management- and HR operations team, they successfully helped our company to the next level. “

“Anneke and Anouk joined the Omnia Retail team at the beginning of 2018. Together they form our HR & recruitment team. They ensure that we attract the right talent, onboard our new colleagues and ensure we have a smooth HR process. Very valuable in our growth phase.”

Sander Roose - Co-Founder Omnia Retail

Peter van Sabben - Founder & CEO of Growth Tribe

“With Growth Tribes extremely fast expansion we collaborated with Scale Force Talent to set up our recruitment team and support us with hiring numerous new talents. Annemarieke was really part of our team during her time here and helped us a lot. We wish them all the best.”

“Anouk, Kelly, and Colette helped out tremendously during the growth of Recruitee towards 20 people. Aside from sourcing and recruitment, the team helped us build the right culture and setup onboard processes. Congrats on the time to hire and work efficiency!”

Perry Oostdam LLM MSc - Co-Founder

Sjuul Berden - Founder & CEO

“At first, I wasn’t really sure or convinced that United Wardrobe should invest in HR and People during our current phase, I felt we could implement most of it ourselves as we grow. But looking back, seeing everything we have achieved after these 5 months of working together with Kelly on Culture, Employee Experience, HR and all the other projects, I can say that we would have never been able to achieve this ourselves ‘as we grow’. HR is especially important to take good care of as you are scaling up. If you really want it to get done properly, work with Scale Force Talent for 6 months instead of doing half work during your free time.”

“Anouk and her team have helped Ligo in a short timeframe to build a leadership team that we required in order to scale. Not only are they excellent in recruiting, but their deep knowledge about building a strong team at a scale up, was highly valuable for us. They understand your challenges and help you in every way they can. With their hands on and ‘can do’ mentality it was great to work with them”

Wendy Bogers - CEO & Founder

Thomas de Leeuw - Co-Founder

“From day one Annemarieke and the Scale Force Talent team has made an impact on our IkBenFrits team. They have excellent sense for how an Employee Experience can be improved and knows how to translate it into strategy and actions. In the few months with us, they also helped recruiting new colleagues, who all turned out to be of great value to the company. Annemarieke, and Scale Force Talent in general, have always been extremely flexible in scaling up and down when needed. They truly think along with us as a client, to what our needs and wishes are, and easily adapt to it.”