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We’ve developed a new insourcing approach which will drive your business growth, by using both strategic and in-depth operational support techniques


Our goal is to make scale-ups self-sufficient at a highly professional level. While we deliver fast results through a lean, hands-on approach, we also help your in-house HR & Recruitment to become a perfect fit for you scaling phase.

Every great scale-up deserves a talented team of employees, state of the art employee branding, a superb culture and systems that support and nurture talent. We want to build, train and implement all we know based on our 30 years combined experience.

By the end of the 3 to 6 months, your company is self-sufficient in talent sourcing & people management.

Be an Employee Magnet

The only thing that another company could never copy-paste from you, are the unique individuals you attract to join your team. Not only will we implement the best structured custom-made recruitment processes, we will also train your hiring managers on how to recognise talent and win over your key hires. We lay the scalable foundations for what great employee engagement and HR should be, from within your organisation.

Employer Branding

We create and implement a framework for job ads and employer branding, including your career website, social media channels and surrounding recruitment activity.

Implement Hiring Processes

We implement recruitment software, build & kickstart processes and train hiring managers alongside your existing A-players.

Hiring Key Roles

We compile job descriptions, deliver compelling job ads to attract the top candidates, headhunt and recruit your next top talent, then hire

Employee Ambassadors

A-players hire A-players so we empower your existing employees to be proactive advocates for your business; custom-making initiatives such as referral programmes to incentivise and give a voice to your best people.

Team Satisfaction

When you get all these great talents on board, it’s our main goal to help you keep them there. Employee Happiness is our main KPI. We will structure your Employee experience in a forward-thinking and future-proof way, making sure everybody can focus on growth instead of complex processes during their day-to-day work. Let’s make your company’s Employee experience personal, unique and something everybody will love.

Employee Experience

Identify and embed your unique cultural code. Our goal is that in five years time that every employee will say: “ This was a highlight of my career!”

Employee Lifecycle

Create & implement processes to ensure your top talent is nourished and nurtured.

HR Systems

HR systems are more than just an admin tool, they are a way to lead your talent through data analysis.

Employee Policies

Every scale-up needs clarification on ground rules and their benefits, so everyone can focus on growing the business and being their best self.

Strategic Management

To make sure your company is fully self sufficient, we will work with you to map an actionable and aspirational vision of your future. We can advise you on the right way the grow “people-wise” and we can provide you with tailor-made workshops, which will help with everything from defining your culture, to finding the right way to handle performance meetings.

Org Chart Structure

Advise and (re-)structure your org chart to move from start-up to scale-up to growth and stability, in the most cost-efficient way.


Tailor-made workshops on company culture, A-players, talent management and day-to-day management.

Advisory Services

Providing general advice and mentoring to board and management on attracting and nurturing talent.


Translating business targets into tangible talent and people management targets.


None of us like surprises when it comes to budgeting, in order to avoid that, a budget will present a budget per quarter and invoice per month. This includes all hours invested by Scale Force Talent and no additional charges for new hires. Hours will be flexibly spent in the office or at other locations.